Zomato Report Card: Ordered food worth 28 lakhs in a year, this is the most favorite dish of the country

Zomato Report Card : Indians are fond of food. Thousands of flavors are hidden in our tradition itself. And since Zomauto, Swiggy and other online food home delivery facilities have been available..foodies have become better. Now they have hundreds of food options just a click away. Recently Zomato released its report card, and the results are shocking.

Know who has been the biggest foodie

First of all, we talk about some special people.. One of them is Tejas, a resident of Pune, who ordered food online for a total of Rs 28,59,611 in the year 2022. On the other hand, Delhi’s Ankur ordered food from Zomato 9 times a day on an average and thus he had 3330 orders in a year. For this reason, Ankur has also been declared as the biggest foodie. There is also a person who has ordered only cake 1098 times in 2022. A resident of Kharagpur ordered a pizza worth Rs 25,455 in one go. On the other hand, a person named Ravi got a discount of Rs 6.96 in a year only by ordering food. The coupon code was used maximum in Raiganj city of West Bengal.

Biryani became the most favorite dish

If we talk about the most liked dish, then this year Sehra is tied to Biryani. On an average, 186 biryani orders were placed on Zomato every minute. Biryani was also on top in Swiggy’s report. Hundreds of types of Biryani are available in the market and there are many options for vegetarians as well. In the recent past, Biryani is continuously becoming the favorite dish of many people. On the other hand, Pizza has achieved the second number on Zomato. About 139 pizza orders are received every minute. In this way, Zomato’s annual report once again proved how foodie Indians are.

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