Youth hanged due to unknown reasons, police engaged in investigation

Indore News: Information has come to light about a youth being hanged in Indore. At the time of the incident, the young man was alone at home and so that no one got to know about the matter, he increased the volume of the TV and ended his life. The police is engaged in the investigation of the case.

This case pertains to Hira Nagar police station area of ‚Äč‚ÄčIndore. A 22-year-old youth living here committed suicide by hanging himself. According to the information, the whole family had gone to the hospital, at the same time the young man took this step. Giving information, the young man’s brother told that the sister had given birth to a son, so we all had gone to the hospital. Ashish was alone at home and when I came home, the TV was playing loudly and he was hanging.

Ashish must have increased the volume of the TV so that the neighbors do not get to know about it. He had put a handfree in his ear and when he checked the mobile, WhatsApp was deleted from it. The family members say that he did not tell us about any kind of problem. No one is able to understand why he took such a sudden extreme step.

After getting the information of the case, the police had reached the spot. Statements have been taken after interrogating the family members of the youth. Mobile is also being examined as relatives have told that WhatsApp has been deleted from it. Deleting the WhatsApp of the young man and hanging himself while the family was not at home, all these are a bit suspicious, so the police have started the investigation by setting up a case.

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