Young man caught stealing bike, people thrashed fiercely. Ujjain

Ujjain Crime News: In Ujjain, a case has come to the fore of thrashing the thief who carried out the incident of bike theft. The surprising thing is that in just 1 minute the thief carried out the theft incident but the bike owner caught it red handed. After which the villagers thrashed him fiercely. The video of the incident has also surfaced.

This incident is of Bedawan Road of Unhel, Ujjain, here the thief tried to steal the bike at around 10 am. In just 1 minute, he tried to open the lock of the bike by using different keys and ran away with the bike as soon as it opened. Meanwhile, the bike owner saw that the thief was stealing the vehicle, so he chased the accused and caught hold of him. As soon as the theft was reported, the villagers also gathered there and thrashed the thief fiercely.

In the CCTV footage of the incident which has come to the fore, the youth is seen carrying out the theft incident in broad daylight. Apart from this, many villagers are seen beating up the thief and taking him away. In Unhel, the incident of bike theft is being carried out continuously for the last few days. In such a situation, when the bike thief caught hold of the people, they thrashed him fiercely and handed him over to the police.

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