World Soil Day 2022: Know why World Soil Day is celebrated, this year’s theme

World Soil Day 2022 : Today is ‘World Soil Day’. Soil has great importance in our life. Soil is also used in symptoms and recipes. Kabirdas ji has said, ‘Soil says to the potter, why do you cry? One day such a thing will come, I will make you cry. The meaning here is that our body is made of soil and one day it has to be mixed with soil. We are made of soil and get nourishment and life from soil. That’s why it is our responsibility to protect this soil.

Food, clothes, shelter, medicine..we get these four main things from the soil. That is why it is necessary to save and preserve it. About 45 years ago, the movement to save the soil was started. In the year 2002, the International Union of Soil Science had recommended celebrating this day. In 2013, the FAO conference supported the celebration of this day and it was announced to celebrate this day in the 68th United Nations General Assembly. Since then, World Soil Day is celebrated every year on 5 December. This year’s theme is “Soil, where food begins”. It emphasizes that soil consists of minerals, organisms and organic components. It is from this that humans and animals get their food. That is why all such things including maintaining the quality of soil, reducing soil degradation, preventing soil erosion, retaining soil nutrients, banning deforestation, increasing tree plantation, plowing the fields against the gradient were emphasized. goes, so that the soil can be conserved.

CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has also congratulated on this day and said that ‘the best food will be obtained from a healthy land’. Prosperity will come in the homes of Annadata and the dream of building a healthy India will come true. Come, let’s take a pledge to save our land and its fertile power and provide prosperous Vasundhara to the future generations. Agriculture is done by the soil, it is the soil that provides us food and other things. What we call mother is the soil which is life giving. That’s why it is the duty of all of us to try to preserve and save the soil together.

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