World Disabled Day 2022: Need encouragement not kindness, know why this day is celebrated

International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2022 : Today is World Disabled Day. The day of December 3 is dedicated to such people around the world, who are either born with physical disabilities or later became victims of some accident. This day not only makes us aware to adopt a sympathetic attitude towards them, but also inspires us to understand that just being physically disabled in any way does not make someone inferior.

Celebrating World Disabled Day was started in the year 1992 by the United Nations Association. The Convention on their rights was adopted in the United Nations in 2006. Today, along with treating the disabled with compassion and respect, it is celebrated to include them in the mainstream of the society. In our place, they have been given the name Divyang and continuous efforts are being made to provide such opportunities to the Divyangjan so that they can lead a dignified life by being self-reliant. Being disabled due to natural or circumstantial reasons should not be discriminated against and all of them should have the right to live a normal life, this is the purpose of celebrating this day.

Whenever we meet a disabled person, sympathy arises in our mind. Most of the people treat them sympathetically. But more than this, there is a need to encourage them. We all have seen that Divyangjan are often full of one or the other special quality. Be it music, painting or any other art..there is some inner consciousness in them that they adopt these arts very well. That’s why instead of showing pity towards them, we should keep a human vision and promote their creative qualities. Being disabled can be a physical challenge, but not a drawback. That is why there is a need to treat differently-abled people with love and equality.

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