Work news for employees-pensioners, new update on implementation of old pension, big statement of VC of NITI Aayog. Important news for Government employees pensioners, new update on old pension scheme implementation in State, Big statement of NITI Aayog

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Old Pension Scheme 2022:On the one hand, after the implementation of the old pension scheme in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Punjab and Jharkhand, discussions are on to implement it across the country before the upcoming elections. On December 8, there is going to be a big movement in Delhi to restore the old pension scheme. Meanwhile, a big statement of NITI Aayog’s vice-chairman Suman Berry has come to the fore.

Expressing concern in an interview, NITI Aayog Vice-Chairman Suman Berry said that I am a little worried about bringing back the old pension scheme. This will put a burden not on the existing taxpayers but on the future taxpayers and citizens. At present India needs to focus on improving its fiscal position and promoting sustainable growth, I am a bit more worried about going back to the old pension scheme. This is of greater concern as the cost will be borne by future taxpayers and citizens, not the present.

Earlier, the statement of former Vice President Montek Singh Ahluwalia came to the fore, in which he said that if OPS is brought back, it would be one of the biggest ‘revadis’ of the government. PM Modi is right about Revdi (free gift). Everyone talks about reducing the fiscal deficit but no one finds a solid solution to get rid of the fixed expenditure. Indian economy needs to grow at 8 per cent instead of focusing on whether there is a recession in America or Europe.

What is OPS and NPS

Significantly, under the old pension scheme, the government used to give full pension amount to the employees-pensioners, it was discontinued from April 1, 2004. According to the new scheme, the employees contribute 10 percent of their basic salary to the pension, while the state government contributes 14 percent. Here, there is talk that in 2023, the Modi government will bring the old pension scheme next year after increasing pressure from the opposition. can consider.

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