Woman went to buy biscuits, returned as a millionaire

Woman becomes millionaire by winning lottery ticket : How would you feel if you go to the market…do a little shopping and come back home and find that you have become a millionaire? It is obvious that one has to tear open the roof and get happiness. But this does not happen with everyone. Luck is so kind to some and Hona Denton living in North Carolina, USA is one such lucky lady.

According to The Mirror, Donna went to Fremont Food Mart to shop for household items. He specially had to take some biscuits. But after reaching here, his mood was to buy something else and he bought 777 Lottery (Triple 777 Lottery) ticket. For this, Donna spent 8 dollars, which is about 661 rupees in Indian currency. He had bought this ticket as an amateur and there was no expectation that he would get a reward. But when he checked the ticket, the ground slipped under his feet. He has won the Mega Jackpot of £700,000. This amount is about 5 crore 78 lakh rupees.

Seeing this, she could not believe it once and after reaching home, she asked her husband to check it again. After this, her husband called the lottery office and after getting the information, it came to know that she had indeed won this amount. If the tax money is deducted, Dona will get Rs 4 crore 11 lakh. Donna, who became a millionaire suddenly, is diving into a sea of ​​wonder and delight. She says that out of this money, she will also donate some amount to the local church.

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