Woman attempted suicide due to unknown reasons, undergoing treatment in hospital

Dewas News: In Dewas, a woman has taken the step of suicide due to unknown reasons. For what reason the woman was upset, no information has come to the fore, but she consumed poison to end her life. In a hurry, the family members reached him at the district hospital from where he was referred to Indore for treatment.

This incident is from Newri in Dewas where a 45-year-old woman consumed poison taking the step of suicide due to unknown reasons. The woman swallowed the poisonous substance and after that when her condition started deteriorating, the family members got worried. Panicked family members reached the district hospital with the woman and requested the doctors for help. Seeing the condition of the woman, the team of doctors started her treatment but the condition was very serious due to which she was sent to Indore.

The woman has been referred to Indore where she is undergoing treatment. Why he took this fatal step, at present no information has come to the fore. The information of the matter was also given to the police, due to which the police have started inquiry and the matter is being investigated. The subject of investigation in this case is why the woman took such a step. The police is interrogating the family members and if the woman is in a better condition, her statements will also be taken.

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