Why did Maneka Gandhi interfere with street dogs, know the whole matter. jabalpur news why did maneka gandhi interfere with street dogs. jabalpur news

Jabalpur Street Dogs : There was so much controversy among the residents of the colony regarding more than 40 stray dogs living at the house of a woman living in Dhanwantari Nagar of Jabalpur that the matter directly reached Maneka Gandhi.

this is the whole matter

A woman named Anita Sharma, a resident of Jabalpur, works for the care of street dogs, by roaming around the city, providing treatment to stray animals who are sick or injured. In the last few years, he has collected more than 40 stray dogs from different areas of the city and is treating them at his home in Dhanwantri Nagar, but his kindness has now become a cause of sorrow. The residents of the colony are very angry with this work being done by Anita Sharma.

The residents of the colony say that keeping more than 40 stray dogs in the house of the residential area is affecting the education of the children, while the elders are facing problems due to the barking of the dogs day and night. Where the routine is being affected, the fear of dog bites also persists, in view of this, the residents of the colony have complained to the top officials from the municipal corporation to the district administration in the past days. When the municipal staff reached Anita Sharma’s house for action, she complained to MP Maneka Gandhi. MP Maneka Gandhi appealed to the authorities not to take action and also asked Anita Sharma to keep the stray dog ​​away from the residential area as soon as possible.

Actually, Anita Sharma along with some of her colleagues takes care of sick and injured dogs. This act of humanity has become a cause of sorrow for many families. Anita Sharma wants more people to come forward in this work and help her in such works. At present, after the intervention of Maneka Gandhi, the staff of Municipal Corporation and District Administration have advised animal lover Anita Sharma to separate the street dogs from the residential area as soon as possible.
Sandeep Kumar’s report from Jabalpur

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