Who protects the corrupt forest officer after all? Demand for suspension of the then DFO. Government directed to prepare charge sheet against former DFO of Hoshangabad Ajay Kumar Pandey, convicted of corruption, employees union demanded suspension

Hoshangabad/Narmadapuram News : Madhya Pradesh’s Shivraj government is working on zero tolerance on corruption, Seeme Shivraj has strict instructions that no officer-employee who commits corruption should be spared, the Chief Minister himself is continuously suspending corrupt and careless officers from the stage of the program itself. Despite this, there is such a case of Hoshangabad Forest Department in which, far from taking action against the then DFO, who was guilty of corruption worth crores of rupees due to protection, the officers promoted him, the employees union had to go to the court against it, Forest Employees Union has demanded the suspension of the then DFO of Hoshangabad, Ajay Kumar Pandey, convicted of corruption.

Finally, the government has now started the process of filing a charge sheet against DFO Ajay Kumar Pandey (DFO Ajay Kumar Pandey), who was posted in the General Forest Division in Hoshangabad from 2018 to 2020, but the funny thing is that 17 cases have been registered against Ajay Kumar Pandey. ,63,400/- After receiving the complaint of drug seed purchase scam and showing fake forest tour, two chief forest conservators were investigated, the report of which was also sent to the government, but the government did not take any action against the accused DFO.

Madhukar Chaturvedi, patron of the Forest Employees Union, who complained about the corruption of Ajay Kumar Pandey in the year 2019, told that DFO Ajay Kumar Pandey conspired to get fake quotations made in his office, including unknown places like Koradi which are not in Madhya Pradesh only. Including, without approval from the purchase committee, secretly without verifying the quantity of seeds, without germination test and also paid, which surprisingly contains 26,400 kg of Ama turmeric tubers, which can come in about 2 trucks only Were.

Shocking thing happened when after sowing so much seed nothing was received back which was exposing economic corruption of DFO Ajay Kumar Pandey. He told that about Rs 3 crore has been spent in the External Medicine Seed Scheme, but in the last 4 years, the story of corruption was telling itself that even Rs 100 seed was not received. The forest employee leader said that in this whole case payment has been told at arbitrary rates.

Madhukar Chaturvedi told that according to rules, DFO Ajay Kumar Pandey has the right to buy or collect seeds worth only Rs 50,000/-, but he did the opposite, Ajay Kumar Pandey by showing fake forest checking in his diary for 3 years. He also kept sending reports to the Chief Conservator of Forests, including those areas which are not in the Hoshangabad Forest Division. The inquiry report has been confirmed by the committee. He said that the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests has tried to save the corrupt Ajay Pandey by hiding from the government the report of the investigating officers on fake beet inspection.

Forest worker leader told that Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Complaints and Vigilance got the complaint investigated in the year 2019 which was found to be true and DFO Ajay Kumar Pandey was able to suppress the report of Chief Conservator of Forests, Narmadapuram by misleading his senior officers and Lokayukta. be successful Senior officials also hid the investigation report of his exploits from DPC, due to which DFO Ajay Kumar Pandey was promoted to Forest Conservator from 1 January 2022.

Madhukar Chaturvedi has accused the departmental officers of helping the Lokayukta suppress the investigation of the drug seed scam by providing protection to the corruption of DFO Ajay Kumar Pandey and also sending the report of the unsuccessful (scheme) plantation area to the Lokayukta. was given. Those who had accepted it as truth and got the case cancelled, but due to the investigation of the government, the secrets of DFO Ajay Kumar Pandey are being exposed.

Although the charge sheeting officer is junior to DFO Ajay Kumar Pandey, but he has the image of an impartial officer. He said that it is also worth considering that when the then DFO Ajay Kumar Pandey was guilty in the year 2020, then for what reason DFO Ajay Kumar Pandey was not suspended in the same year, while small employees are suspended on a minor mistake.

He said that being distressed by the indifference of the department officials regarding this economic corruption, he appealed to the High Court, after which the government has started serious action in the matter. Madhukar Chaturvedi, patron of the Forest Employees Union, has demanded from the government that the then DFO Ajay Kumar Pandey, convicted of corruption, should be immediately suspended.

Who protects the corrupt forest officer after all?  Demand for suspension of the then DFO

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