Weird logic of Vice Chancellor of Medical University, need is AK 47 but working in 12 bore gun. Strange logic of Vice Chancellor of MP Medical University, AK 47 is needed but work is being done in 12 bore gun

Jabalpur News : The pain of the Vice Chancellor of Madhya Pradesh Medical University (MP Medical University), which is always in controversies, has come to the fore. Dr. Ashok Khandelwal, the Vice-Chancellor of the State’s only Medical University located in Jabalpur, said that due to shortage of staff, there is a problem in running the university, but the government is not giving the necessary staff, the Vice-Chancellor gave a strange argument that he needed AK 47 but he is working with oil in a twelve bore gun.

Let us tell you that 86 percent of the posts of officers and employees are vacant in MP Medical University. This MP Medical University located in Jabalpur was established in the year 2011, after a long wait, recently the huge building of the university was completed, but now there is a shortage of employees working here.

This university is responsible for the regulation of all medical, dental, paramedical, nursing, Ayush, homeopathy and other medical education colleges in the state, in all colleges, this university has to conduct examinations on time and give results, but the examinations are held for years. It is not getting late.

BSC Nursing 1st year exam was not held since last 3 years, BAMS 1st year exam time table was changed 31 times. In such a situation, when troubled students are gheraoing the university, the pain of the Vice-Chancellor has come to the fore, the Vice-Chancellor said that they need staff to get so much work done including examinations on time, but 86 percent of the posts are vacant here.

Vice-Chancellor Dr. Ashok Khandelwal said that they need AK-47 but they are working by putting oil in twelve bore guns, Vice-Chancellor has requested the government to fill the vacant posts. According to government records, 240 posts are sanctioned in MP Medical University, according to the sanctioned posts, only 35 posts including Vice Chancellor are filled in the university, rest 205 posts are vacant, most of the 35 staff officers employed are on deputation.

On the one hand, student organizations are constantly besieging the university on the erratic academic calendar and on the other hand, this candidness of the vice-chancellor on the vacant posts is obviously increasing the concern of the government, it has to be seen that this committee has been set up to bring the medical education of the state back on track. Till when the vacant posts of the Medical University are filled because in the midst of all this, only the students are being harmed.

Sandeep Kumar’s report from Jabalpur

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