Wedding in Tajmahal: Foreign couple took 7 rounds in Tajmahal, asked for 7 births

Wedding in Tajmahal In India, marriage is said to be a bond of seven births. A foreign couple liked this idea so much that they came here and got married again. The special thing is that he took seven rounds in the Taj Mahal, the symbol of love, according to the Hindu method and prayed that he should be with him for seven births.

This is the story of Mauro, a resident of Italy, whose age is 70 years. His wife Stefania is only 65 years old and they married each other 40 years ago. He came to India on 28 November with the desire to celebrate his 40th wedding anniversary with Indian tradition. She told her wish to her tour operator and then preparations were made for her wedding at a resort near the Taj Mahal. The wedding took place in full Hindu rituals, with the beats of drums and shehnai and the bride and groom were dressed in Indian clothes.

The Italian couple remarried in a Hindu ceremony at the Baan Walon Ki Bagchi near the eastern gate of the Taj Mahal. Pandit Praveen Dutt Sharma got them married. Mauro filled vermilion and also wore Mangalsutra in Stefania’s demand. They once again vowed to live and die together and prayed under the shadow of the Taj Mahal that their company should remain intact for the next seven lives. The couple had been waiting for this day for the last five years, and finally their dream came true. After marriage, both were looking very happy and they were sure that they would be together for many more lives.

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