We are not terrorists, we are the health army of the state: contract health workers. MP Employees Angry to state government, demand for regularization and salary hike, said- We are not terrorists, we are health army of state

MP Contract Health Workers: In Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, there has been a ruckus after the contractual employees of the health department were arrested after being tied with a rope like criminals. On one hand, the opposition has asked for an apology, calling it shameful, on the other hand, there is resentment among the contract workers. While going on strike for the 11th day today, the contractual employees protested by tying black bands and said that we are not terrorists, we are the health army of the state.

In fact, on Saturday in Bhopal, Health Minister Dr. Prabhuram Chowdhary was gheraoed by the striking contract health workers at Jaypee Hospital. More than 100 contract health workers surrounded the minister in such a way that he had to leave the spot in another vehicle. This incident of encirclement of the minister created a stir, after which the Habibganj police, who reached the information, detained more than 20 contract health workers protesting on charges of breach of peace, during which their hands were tied and brought to the police station from the protest site. During this, the contract workers raised slogans against Chaudhary.

contract worker’s spill pain

Expressing her anguish, a contract worker who lost her father during the Corona period said that the action taken by the administration on Saturday was a black day recorded in history. We were taken to jail, injustice was done to us, an attempt was made to suppress our voice, we are demanding from our government, we are demanding our legitimate demands. Despite this, we were treated like this, where should we go? We are not terrorism, we are the health army of the country, which gives its services wholeheartedly and even today, if the Corona period comes here, we will serve more, because our country is more important than us.

Arun Yadav also expressed displeasure

Former Union Minister Arun Yadav wrote in a tweet that when the contractual health workers, who have been protesting for the last several days for their just demands, went to meet the Health Minister, instead of listening to them, they were arrested and taken to the police by tying them with a rope like habitual criminals. .

Congress told shameful

Condemning this, MP Congress has also tweeted that picture embarrassing Madhya Pradesh: Contract workers being taken away by the police by tying them with ropes is a very shameful incident in a democracy. Such criminal behavior is not excusable at any level. Shivraj ji, now you are crossing the limits.

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