Wanted to make money with tiger skin, 8 accused arrested

Balaghat Tiger Skin Seized : Many cases of superstition of raining money from the nails, skin and hair of wild animals have come to the fore in the district in the past as well. Due to which the tendency of hunting wild animals has also increased. The new case is also related to rain of money, in which the forest department team nabbed the accused before they could make rain of money with tiger skin.

accused arrested
The incident took place in the early morning of December 25, when between 2 to 2.30 am, three accused were caught by the police from the dhaba in Sihora under Lalbarra police station on the basis of suspicion. After which 5 other accused involved in tiger skin have been arrested. It is said that another accused in this case is absconding. At present, the police have recovered two motor cycles along with tiger skin from the accused. In which the Forest Department is trying to link the whole matter link by link and collect information related to tiger hunting.

got clue like this
It is said that the flying squad team under the guidance of CCF caught 3 suspects Sanjit Pusam, Budhram Pusam and Dalpat Uike last night near the dhaba between Lalbarra and Kanjai. In questioning whom he gave information about the skin of the tiger. On the basis of whose information the Forest Department team has arrested the other accused.
The forest department has arrested the accused Budhram father Nohar Pusam, 40, resident of Telai under Nainpur police station under Mandla district, Dhanesh father Rakhi Pandre, 50, resident of Zaidpur, Chamarsingh father, Jinaram Kushram, 45, resident of Kakaiya, Hemraj father, Amarsingh Tekam, 27, resident of Surkhi, Sanjit, 28, resident of Gunegaon. Father Chamarsingh Kushram, 28-year-old Dalpat father Dhirsingh Uike, resident of Mali Mohgaon, 30-year-old Charan father Giran Maravi, resident of Manikpur and 45-year-old Nainsingh father Jinaram Kusram, resident of Gunegaon, have been arrested by registering a case under the Wildlife Protection Act.

Circle Officer Yashpal Mehra said that all the accused in the case were presented in the Hon’ble Court. In which 5 accused have been sent to jail on judicial remand. The remaining three accused have been taken in remand for 3 days. Who will be questioned about information related to tiger hunting.

Sunil Kore’s report from Balaghat

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