Viral Video: Went and ate food at the wedding uninvited, said these things while making a video with the groom. Viral Video: Went and ate food at a wedding without being invited

Viral Video: Nowadays people leave no stone unturned to show their art anywhere by making videos on social media. Dancing on popular songs, making any kind of video has become very common these days. To make their videos viral, people start dancing, comedy anywhere. Actually, these days the craze of dancing on social media is increasing very fast. Let us inform that people of every class from young to old show their talents on social media. During the Corona period, social media has given people a good platform to awaken their skills. Let us tell you that dancing has become a fashion for people nowadays. For which a different kind of passion is seen in them.

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In this episode, a video is going viral very fast in the social media, in which a man went to a wedding without being invited and reached the limit when he mentioned this while making a video with the groom. So let’s see the video first…

The person arrived at the wedding uninvited

According to the information received, a person reached the wedding uninvited and then went to the groom and made a selfie video. In the video, he clearly told the groom that he had come from the hostel to have food. Please tell that this video has been shared on Twitter. Sharing which IAS officer Avinash Sharan wrote in the caption, ‘God bless you’. The video has been viewed by several lakh people so far. Also, have shared your reactions.

Video made sitting with the groom

This video is of about 45 seconds, in which the man came and sat near the groom and then he said, ‘We have come to your wedding and we do not know what your name is and where are your houses. We live in hostel, we were hungry so we came to eat food. Do you have any problem?’ In response to which the groom said that there is no problem. Then the boy admitted on camera that when I was leaving, I saw that food and drink was going on, so I entered and ate. Food was not prepared in the hostel, so we thought to tell you.

smile on groom’s face

At the same time, further in the video, while congratulating the groom, the person said, ‘Many congratulations to you for the wedding, that was all I had to say.’ Hearing this, the groom said, keep taking it for your hostel too. Taking the children of the hostel to the people. Then that person says that it is okay brother. People are watching this video as an example that if a student or a hostel student comes to eat at a wedding, then he should not be treated like this.

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