Viral Video: The person was sleeping peacefully, when his eyes opened, he encountered the ghost, watch the video. When man opened his eyes, he was confronted by the Ghost

Viral Video: There is a tremendous trend of making videos on social media today. Nowadays people leave no stone unturned to show their art anywhere for making videos on social media. Dancing to popular songs has become very common. To make their video viral, people start dancing anywhere. Actually, these days the craze of dancing on social media is increasing very fast. Let us inform that people of every class from young to old show their talents on social media. During the Corona period, social media has given people a good platform to awaken their skills. Let us tell you that dancing has become a fashion for people nowadays. For which a different kind of passion is seen in them.

fast going viral

In this episode, a video is becoming very viral on social media. In which a person dressed as a ghost is scaring a person who is sleeping peacefully. People are watching this video by playing it not once but many times. It is clearly visible in this video that how badly the sleeping man is scared, so let’s first show you the video.

so many people liked

Actually, this video has been shared on Instagram by a user named planet_visit, which has so far received more than 1500 likes while more than 65 thousand people have seen it. In the video, a man is sleeping peacefully when a man disguised as a ghost removes the blanket from his body. As soon as this is done, the sleeping person wakes up and he screams out of nowhere and is scared to see him.

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