Viral Video: In the form of a crocodile, a young man played a deadly joke with a real crocodile

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Viral Video: Our elders always say that jokes are good in a limit. One should never joke in such a way that someone feels bad. Nor anything that would pose a danger to itself. But sometimes some people make fun of these things and jokingly do something that can prove to be very fatal. One such video is going viral on social media these days.

There are two crocodiles in first glance it seems so. But within a few moments we understand that there is a real crocodile and next to it is a man in a crooked crocodile costume. Only they know why he has taken the form of a crocodile, but what he is doing can prove to be fatal. He is repeatedly pulling the crocodile’s leg with his hand and teasing it. Although the real crocodile is lying in laziness or sleep and he is ignoring this act by releasing his leg, but at any moment his anger can explode and become on the life of this person.

People are getting different reactions on this video. Some are saying ‘which drug have you got’, while others are calling it stupidity. One wrote ‘There is a very fine line between bravery and stupidity.’ This thing is also true because there is no reason behind risking your life by teasing a dangerous crocodile like this. That’s why we should never do any such work even in jest or while playing sports, which may cause harm to ourselves or someone else. After watching such videos, a lesson should be taken from them that they should not do stupidity, nor let anyone do it.

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