Violation of dignity in the temple of education, instead of a book, the teacher was beaten up

Violation of dignity in the temple of education, instead of a book, the teacher was beaten up

New Delhi, Desk Report. Nowadays perhaps it has become very cheap to keep or buy illegal weapons, only then children have started using it too. Many such incidents have come to the fore in the country where illegal weapons have been found with children. In this episode, now a similar case has come to light from Prayagraj, the Sangam city of Uttar Pradesh, where a class 10 student got so angry due to the beating of the school teacher that he reached the school with illegal weapons. But he was caught during checking in the school, after which the school teacher took the boy to the police station. At present, the boy is in the custody of the police, where he is engaged in gathering information about the illegal gun from him.

The case is of Soraon police station area of ​​Pragraj, a 15-year-old boy studying in class 10th in a school in Abdalpur Khas. When the desi katta came out of his bag, there was a stir in the school after seeing this. After which the teachers caught the boy and brought him to the police station and handed him over to the police. Police at the moment. Inquiring.

Police station in-charge Ashok Kumar said that information is being collected from the boy about illegal weapons. According to the information received so far, it has been learned that the teacher had scolded the student a lot for something in the school and had also made a cock in front of everyone, due to which he was angry and the next day he came to threaten the teacher with a sack in the bag. During the interrogation of the police, it was also revealed that the accused boy had bought this illegal weapon from another boy. The police have taken both the boys into custody. A case has also been registered against both the accused.

Teacher tied up and beaten for failing

Although this is not the first case in the country of threatening the teacher, education and culture had to be put to shame, when some students in Dumka, Jharkhand, tied up and beat up the teacher for failing. According to the information, the students of Gopikandar Scheduled Tribe Residential High School beat up assistant teacher Kumar Suman and clerk Soneram Chadee by tying them to a mango tree.

The extent of shamelessness was reached when the students also made a video of the assault, which has gone viral on social media. The students accused the teacher that they were not given marks in the practicals, due to which they failed.

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