Vinod Mill’s land worth 525 crores came under the government, the residents themselves broke their homes

Ujjain News: After protesting for so long, the residents of Vinod Mill finally vacated their houses on the ultimatum of the government. 160 families have started taking out their belongings to an alternate place. Earlier it was being said that the administration would have to struggle to get the houses vacated, but the residents had started taking out the belongings themselves in a peaceful manner. During this, some people themselves were seen demolishing their houses and sought time from the government. After a long dispute, this land worth 525 crores has now come under the government.

Since this morning, a heavy police force had reached the spot to get the residents living in Vinod Mill’s chawl to vacate their houses. When people woke up from their sleep, the administrative staff was present on the spot to get them vacated. Seeing the heavy arrangement, the residents did not protest and started taking out their belongings on their own. Regarding the matter, SDM Santosh Tagore said that the residents are vacating the houses of their own free will and they have been given places to live in Surasa and Mahakal Avenue. After removing the goods, they will all shift to new homes.

Vinod Mill's land worth 525 crores came under the government, the residents themselves broke their homes

The matter had reached the Supreme Court

Vinod Mill was closed 26 years ago. After this, the laborers working here had filed a petition in the court for their remaining salary and gratuity money. In 2019, while giving the verdict in favor of the workers, the Supreme Court ordered the government to pay the outstanding amount with 4 percent interest. Along with this, the possession of 44.523 acres of land of the mill was also given to the government. After paying the dues to the people, 160 families living here were given eviction notices. On Friday, the administration started getting the house vacated by making an announcement, but the residents were continuously protesting. In view of this, today the administrative staff along with a heavy police force reached the spot, seeing which the residents were seen vacating the houses.

The land is worth 525 crores

The land on which the government has got the right is about 525 crore rupees. The amount of land required by the buyers to build a colony, mall or market here will be vacated by the government. In view of the development of this place, a four-lane road connecting Agra Road to Hiramil has already been constructed.

resident set fire

The residents living in Vinod Mail’s chawl say that the administration is evicting us from here, but if we do not get compensation in return, then where will we go? People say that the option that the government is providing us is of a single room. In such a situation, what will happen to those people in a house where four brothers live together or a large family.

This morning when action was being taken to get 160 families to vacate their houses. In the meantime, a person poured the ghee kept in his house on himself and set it on fire and attempted self-immolation. The residents present on the spot immediately rushed him to the district hospital where he is being treated. According to information, this person named Sanjay Thakur has 10 to 15 percent burns and is out of danger.

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