Villagers upset due to lack of common way, responsible silence. shivpuri news villagers upset due to lack of common way responsible silence. shivpuri news

Shivpuri Fraud Development Works News : Several decades have passed since the country became independent. The country is moving towards Digital India. In Khaniyadhana area of ​​Pichor assembly, there are some areas where even today the ray of development has not reached. Similar is the condition of Gram Panchayat Amarpur Deora Kamalpur Purwa, which comes under Khaniyadhana Janpad Panchayat.

this is the case

Let us tell you that the total population of village Kamalpura, which comes under Amarpur Devra Gram Panchayat, which is 20 km away from Khaniyadhana police station Mayapur area, is 250 people, about 80 families live in it. The villagers told that the settlement of this village is 100 years old, the age of independent India has been more than 70 years, but there are no roads in the village till date. For this reason, our villagers have to fight a war every day.

Villagers made allegations

The villagers told that during the rainy season we remain imprisoned in the village itself. Because the way to reach our village is unpaved, there is black soil from the fields, due to which it is difficult to get out. Hundreds of applications have been given in the office but the road till our village has not been built. At present, the month of December has started, we are able to leave with great difficulty, thinking what would happen to us during the rainy season. We lose contact. A young man posing as an angel is traveling from his village Amarpurdevra Kamalpur to Bhopal due to the plight of the village due to the plight of the village due to forgery in the name of development works done in the village. is deciding. The name of the young man is Deepak Lodhi.

The young man told that I have taken this step because there is no road in our village. He has said that till date in the Gram Panchayat, the Sarpanch Secretary has not arranged any road for us, no road has been built. Due to which the feet get stuck in the mud in the rain, due to excessive rain in the rain, it is very difficult to travel. have been done but till date no road has been made in our place, women also face a lot of trouble for delivery in the village.

The young man says that every time the leaders assure to build a road at the time of elections, but after the elections, no leader looks towards the village. But despite this, till date the administration has not taken any step for road construction in the village. I am going on foot march to Bhopal, will not return until CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan ji will not get the road constructed in our village.
Shivam Pandey’s report from Shivpuri

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