Village of Dwarves: A village in India where only dwarf people live, they win the hearts of people with their art. A village in India where only dwarf people live

Village of Dwarves: There is more than one unique place in this world, about which there is such information that people are not able to trust easily. In the 21st century, people have become so modern that it is very difficult for them to trust such things, but it is very important to pay attention to such things, what is the reason behind it, there should be a desire to know that reason. So, today we will tell you about a place in the world where every human being is a dwarf. Yes, this thing is sure to surprise you but it is absolutely true, so let’s know which is the place where the height of the people is very small but they have won the hearts of everyone with their behavior.

village of 70 people

Please tell that this village is not anywhere else but in India only. About which very few people would hardly know. Actually, this village is located in the state of Assam. Which is known as Amar village. The specialty of this village is that a total of 70 people live here and all live with love and respect for each other, which is located some three to four km before the Bhutan border.

are happy with their life

It is said that in the year 2011, Pavitra Rabha, the artist of Sardar National School of Drama, settled this village. Where no person will be found more than three and a half feet. Please tell that someone has come to this village to live here on their own wish, then someone’s family has left them here, but the people who live here are very happy with their life, they have no regrets about anything.

Entertain people with your art

At the same time, after NSD, Pavitra Rabha wanted to promote theater, so he decided that he would make people of small stature as artists. During this, many people also made fun of Rabha but he did not give up, the result of which is in front of all of us. Let us tell you that here they do farming during the day and entertain people through their art on the stage in the evening.

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