Vidisha Municipality tightens its belt for cleanliness survey, these works will be done under pilot project

Vidisha News: Vidisha Municipality has started preparations on a war footing to become the first in the Swachh Survekshan. For this, earlier it was thought of giving responsibility to the Human Matrix Security Company of Indore, but it could not happen due to lack of interest from the company. Now this work has been handed over to another company Siddhivinayak Waste Management of Indore. Under the pilot project, the company has been given this work initially for a month.

Officials say that if the work is done properly by the company then its limit will be increased. After being given the responsibility, the company has started its work and instructions have been given by the municipality to first remove the piles of garbage in the city. With this, a target has been set to collect 100% garbage from every household. Officials say that if these two things are done, then along with the cleanliness in the city, the ranking of the cleanliness survey will also improve. The company which has been assigned the work in Vidisha is also handling the work in the surrounding areas including Khurai.

While giving the information, CMO CP Rai said that the company which was earlier talked about taking the responsibility of handling this work. His officers had come to conduct the survey and were telling their expenditure at Rs 4 to 5 lakh per month. However, later they did not show interest and now Siddhivinayak Waste Management has been entrusted with the task which will cost Rs 1 lakh per month.

survey completed

The company has surveyed the city for 8 days before starting its work, whose report has been submitted to the municipality. During this survey, the biggest problem has come to the fore regarding garbage collection. Apart from this, road cleaning, drain cleaning, maintenance of statues of men and arrangements at major intersections have also been kept in mind.

city ​​ranking

Talking about the ranking of Vidisha Municipality in the cleanliness survey, in 16 the city got 203rd rank. The city had achieved 173rd ranking in 2017, 147th in 2018, 196th in 2019 and 85th in 2020.

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