Video: Two friends meet after 80 years, will become emotional after watching the video

Two friends met after 80 years Friendship is the most beautiful relation in this world. Two people join in it of their own free will, of their own happiness. We choose our friends ourselves and after a point of time they become a part of our life. We share all the joys and sorrows of life with our special friends, they are the friends who accept us with our weaknesses and mistakes. We have seen many such examples, where people have even given their lives for friendship. That is why it is said that it is very important to have at least one good friend in life.

Today we have brought such a beautiful video of friendship for you. In this, two friends are meeting each other after 80 years. The video was shared on Instagram by a user named mukilmenon and we see the elderly woman walking into a house, where another woman of her age is sitting. They both meet and suddenly chirp. Both of them are childhood friends and they are meeting after almost 80 years.

These are very emotional moments. After meeting, both of them talk for a long time, touch each other and bless each other. During this, his family members also come and join him in this happiness. It is seen in the video that she is also telling someone about their friendship with a gesture. After being uploaded on social media, this video is becoming increasingly viral and this meeting of two friends is making people emotional.

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