Video: The young man showed Disha Patni’s photo to his grandmother for marriage, then this happened…

viral video : If someone wants to marry his favorite boy or girl, then the most difficult task for him is to convince the family members. Even today, the biggest challenge is to persuade the relatives of the family to marry of their choice. And in such a situation, if a boy starts talking about marriage with a model or actress, then there is bound to be an uproar.

Today we have brought one such funny video for you. Although this is a prank, but seeing this you will be forced to laugh. In this video, a young man is showing the photo of a girl for marriage to his grandmother. But the girl is actually this photo of famous heroine Disha Patni. In this he is wearing a bodysuit. The young man showed the photo to the grandmother and said that ‘this is a girl’. But on seeing the girl in these clothes, the grandmother turns away. His grandson asks what is the problem in this, then grandmother goes out of her mouth to abuse.

After this, the young man says that she is a model of Bombay, a big heroine. Domestic is needed, look at its dress. When the young man insists a little, she says show your mother how many days I will live. In this way, the sweet dispute between grandmother and grandson goes on. This video is now becoming increasingly viral and actress Kritika Sengar has also commented on it. These days Disha Patni is also in discussions about her love life. It is being said that he is in a relationship with his gym trainer. However, he has not yet given any reaction regarding this. However, people are liking this video very much and various funny comments are coming on it.

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