Video: The groom did such a dance at the wedding, the bride was shocked

Weird dance of the groom : Wedding is a very special occasion in anyone’s life. It is justified to be happy on this day and sometimes people do some strange acts in happiness. Sometimes some people become very excited and do such a thing that the people around are left speechless. One such video is going viral on social media.

A groom is seen dancing in it. Now what can be strange about dancing? Its question will be fully understood only after watching the video. We see in this video that the groom is on the dance floor and is dancing in full swing. But in the meantime something is such that the bride standing nearby has become just like a fetish. Neither there are any expressions coming on his face nor his legs are trembling. The groom held her hand two or three times in between and tried to make her dance with him, but the bride’s feet did not rise. Not only the bride, the guests present there were also in awe.

Actually the song on which the groom was dancing is a very objectionable song. His words are something that no one can listen to with their family. A foul language is being used repeatedly in it and it has been sung in a very obscene manner. It is very unfit especially for an occasion like marriage. The bride’s side was speechless to see the groom dancing like this on this song. This is humiliating for his family as well, but the groom is so excited that he does not even realize what he is doing. This video is becoming quite viral and people are also making very funny comments on it. But this is not just a funny incident.. It is worth thinking that what must have happened to a girl after seeing such a form of her husband at the beginning of marriage and the state of mind of her family members can also be guessed.

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