Video: Shivraj’s minister has a different style, suddenly Gajak appeared. Energy Minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar suddenly seen making Gajak in Gwalior, video viral

Gwalior News: Shivraj government’s energy minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar, who has always been in discussion about his working style, once again appeared in a new style, today on Saturday he went out to inspect the ongoing development works in his assembly, road under construction in Kilagat Even while watching, his eyes fell on the artisans making Gajak and the minister joined them in beating Gajak, this video of the minister is going viral on social media

Madhya Pradesh’s Energy Minister Singh Tomar returned from the capital Bhopal and reached Gwalior today, instead of going home as per his habit, went to his assembly Gwalior assembly, he took stock of the ongoing development works in his assembly and instructed the officials that the work Get more speed.

Energy Minister Tomar was going out on foot while discussing with the people, during this time his eyes fell on the artisans making jak in the fort gate area, he entered the factory to inquire about their well being and started beating them with his hands, the minister’s This new look video is currently going viral on social media.

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