Video: Foreign bride in Indian lehenga, video viewed more than 6 million times

Foreign bride in Indian lehenga : Marriage is a special occasion in every society, in every country. There are special preparations for the wedding, in which the bride’s dress is the most important. In every society, in every country, according to the traditions and customs of the bride and groom, the clothes of the bride and groom are determined. But the bridal dress is important everywhere and it takes a lot of research and expense.

Saree or lehenga is usually worn on the occasion of marriage in India. Bridal lehenga is very special and the bride dressed in it looks no less than an apsara. Wherein, mostly wedding gowns are worn in foreign countries. But Indian culture has influenced many foreigners. People also come to our place to learn religion, spirituality and many other things. Similarly, marriages here are also the center of attraction for many foreigners. A video related to this is going viral on social media these days.

In this video we see a foreign bride dressed in an Indian lehenga. We see an American bride walking out of her hotel room in a red lehenga. Outside his family and friends are waiting for him and everyone starts expressing happiness on seeing this beautiful form. The video was posted on Instagram by makeup and hair artist Bianca Luzado. It has got more than million views so far. In this the bride is wearing matching jewelery with red lehenga and she is looking very beautiful. Seeing him, the expression on his father’s face is just like that of any Indian father. He is looking very emotional and is looking at the daughter very lovingly. This video is getting a lot of love from people on social media.

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