Video: Dear mobile, the train passed over the girl and she kept talking on the phone

Train passed over girl : In today’s time, a new disease is spreading rapidly. This is a technical disease called mobile. Anything is useful as long as it is useful and helping us. But if it becomes our addiction and because of it our life starts getting affected in a wrong way, then definitely it takes the form of a disease. And these days mobile addiction is increasing in the most dangerous way. The situation is that it is also becoming the reason for many accidents.

Recently, a video is becoming increasingly viral on social media, which further highlights its horrors. In this video, we can see a goods train passing through a platform. This is a very common scene. But as soon as the goods train leaves, suddenly a girl is seen lying on the track. This whole train has passed over that girl. But even after such a big incident, the girl is continuously talking on mobile. She lay down on the track when the train arrived, but if there was a slight mistake, her life would not have been saved.

But the surprising thing is that the girl kept talking on the phone during the entire train passing and even after that. The mobile did not leave his hand. Nor did she realize that she had touched death. She just kept on talking on the phone and got up and walked away as if nothing had happened. This is a heart wrenching video and anyone’s soul will tremble after seeing it. This video is viral and has got millions of views. People are making different comments on this. People are also venting their anger on the girl and many are also making fun of her. But this thing is not as much as anger or mockery. This is a frightening sign that someone loves mobile more than his life. Even before this, such incidents have come to the fore that children committed suicide or tried to take any such fatal step for not giving mobile. This video is also a hallmark of the same and is also a warning bell for us.

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