Vanshika and Akash’s breakup story goes viral, funny conversation between two friends

Breakup of Vanshika It was Vanshika’s two month anniversary and what preparations did she make for it. She went to the parlor and got threading-waxing done, it was so painful that she screamed in front of the parlor woman. But the boyfriend said that he is not sure about this relationship. These days Vanshika’s story is going viral on social media.

This is actually a phone conversation between two friends. In this, a girl gets a call from her friend Vanshika and then she narrates her grief. In this Vanshika is telling what she had planned for her two month anniversary, but her boyfriend broke up with her. During this, she says that she did not even talk to any other boy for Akash in college. She made so many efforts, took such expensive heels, if she had known that Akash would do this, she would have waited for the sale of Myntra, at least some money would have been saved.

This is a very interesting conversation. A crying Vanshika says that she even started watching football for Akash, even though he didn’t understand anything. In this way she is narrating her whole sorrow to her friend. Although listening to it, it seems that it is already scripted, but it is quite interesting to listen to. In this whole conversation, the other girl is saying yes to her and in the end she says that she has a friend who always keeps asking about Vanshika. On hearing this, Vanshika says that it is okay to give me her online address.

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