Vanshika Akash Breakup: Akash’s video now surfaced, Vanshika is responsible for the breakup

Vanshika Akash Breakup Story: #vanshika is trending on social media. The breakup story of Vanshika and Akash is viral. Now the side of boyfriend Akash has also come to the fore in this story and his audio is also in the news. The sky is keeping its side in this. In this, he is blaming Vanshika for the breakup.

breakup of vanshika

We told you how Vanshika was excited about her two month anniversary and what preparations she had made for it. A video of this has gone viral in which she is telling the whole story to her friend and the friend has recorded her phone. In this, Vanshika told that she went to the parlor and got threading-waxing done, it was so painful that she even screamed in front of the parlor. But boyfriend Akash said that he is not sure about this relationship. Narrating her grief, Vanshika tells what she had planned for her two month anniversary, but her boyfriend broke up with her. During this, she says that she did not even talk to any other boy for Akash in college. She made so many efforts, took such expensive heels, if she had known that Akash would do this, she would have waited for the sale of Myntra, at least some money would have been saved. A crying Vanshika says that she even started watching football for Akash, even though he didn’t understand anything. At the end of this conversation her friend says that she has a friend who always keeps asking about Vanshika. On hearing this, Vanshika says that it is okay to give me her online address.

Akash’s version surfaced

Akash, the hero of this story, is also now in the limelight. A video is going viral with the caption ‘Akash ka side bhi sun lo’. In this a boy calls Akash and says ‘Let’s enjoy it now’. When Akash picks up the phone, he says ‘your prisoner’s call went viral’. After this Akash narrates his story. Akash is saying in a very disappointed voice that ‘ what is this being said to the whole world. If there was a queue of so many boys, then what was the need to dissuade everyone by becoming Kareena Kapoor. What will I do if someone prepares for a wedding for the anniversary of two months. Further he says that ‘Why did you buy such an expensive heel, sale is going on at ajio, you would have bought it from there. It didn’t learn football for me, it finds Ronaldo hot that’s why it knows about him. Mother eats street momos for 20 rupees, she makes me fill 550 rupees for fifty grams of rice. There is a limit..the breakup was bound to happen. However, this conversation also seems scripted, like Vanshika’s audio was sounding. Both these videos seem to be fictional but now the video of Akash is also going viral and people are enjoying it too.

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