USA: Indian-origin couple suffered a lot while taking photos in the snow lake, 3 people died in the accident, read full news. Indian-origin couple had to bear the brunt of taking photos in an icy lake

USA : An Indian-origin couple died in an icy lake in the US, causing a stir in the surrounding area. Please tell that his two daughters were also present during this accident but their lives were saved. The daughters have been placed in the custody of the Arizona-based Department of Child Protection following the incident. According to the information received, the couple was taking photographs on top of the frozen lake when suddenly the ice broke and the accident happened. Let us know in detail the whole matter…

dead body recovered two days

Actually, Narayan Muddan and his wife Harshita Muddan had gone for a walk with their friend Gokul and his family. Where all three fell victim to the accident due to the breaking of the ice of Wood Canyon Lake located in Medicity Arizona. By the time someone reached to help him, it was too late. When the rescue team pulled Harshita out of the water, she was already dead. Please tell that the dead body was recovered two days later.

people came forward to adopt

At the same time, the Child Protection Department was called for the protection of the couple’s two minor girls in the accident. Please tell that some people themselves are coming forward to adopt both the girls. The age of both the girls is only 7 and 12 years. Also, let us tell you that more than USD 5 lakh money has been raised through GoFundMe fundraiser for the families affected in the accident, which is being deposited in the name of both the girls for their future.

John Paxton said this..

Regarding the accident, John Paxton told that on December 26, three families, consisting of 6 adults and five children, had gone to the valley to enjoy the snowy road. That’s why they started taking photographs there, during this suddenly the frozen lake broke and three of them fell into minus 30 degree water. After which the personnel deployed on the spot were hurriedly called to the lake but they could not be saved.

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