Uproar over book in Indore’s Law College, 06 professors removed for five days

Indore Controversy over book in law college: After allegations of spreading religious extremism in Indore’s Government Naveen Law College, a controversy has started over a book running there, in fact, in this book on mass violence and criminal justice system, authored by Farhat Khan, Sangh Objectionable things have been written from Vishwa Hindu Parishad to Article 370 and against the Hindu community. After the uproar, the college management, while deciding to conduct an inquiry into these allegations by a retired judge of the district court, suspended six professors, including four Muslim teachers, from academic work for five days.

It is being told that this book is in the college library, which students are asked to read. On the other hand, a student has said that wrong things are said by the professor here, messages are sent to the girl students. On the other hand, Principal Eenamur Rahman said that if there is such a book in the library, then I have no information about this book and its content, if so, then the author and the publisher are guilty, not our fault. If this book is in the library, action will be taken against those who bring it here. We have constituted a committee to investigate, we will remove these books. Everything is going well in the college, I don’t know if someone has caught my eye, I am hurt about these allegations.

This is written in the book about Article 370

Today, all Hindu organizations are unanimously opposing the provision of special facilities to Muslims in Kashmir by imposing Article 370, saying that extremism is flourishing in Kashmir because of this. If they are asked why there is extremism in Punjab, Article 370 has not been imposed in Bihar, UP, Assam where there is Hindu extremism. It is written on Uniform Civil Code It is written about Uniform Civil Code that Hindus say that by talking about Uniform Civil Code we want to improve the law of Muslims. Those who are against women, they do not talk about their law, where as those who are against Shudra women and non-Hindus. Hindus should talk about reforming their civil code.

This is the comment in the book about Sangh

Swayam Sevak Sangh and its family organizations are communal, they talk about Hinduism and consider Hinduism above the Constitution and the country. It is written about BJP and Congress that there is no difference between the two, both are Brahminical parties. It is written on Vishwa Hindu Parishad that Hindu communalism is emerging as a destructive ideology. Organizations like the Vishwa Hindu Parishad want to establish a Hindu majority state and enslave other communities by making them powerless.

Student made allegations

A college student said that a professor selects girl students, especially Jains and Brahmins, then messages them, offers to take them to movies, etc. Even after our complaints the college management does not take any action, three months have passed. Other faculty also misunderstands the education policy, calls great personalities like Shivaji, Maharana Pratap cowards.

There was an uproar in the college on Thursday

BJP’s student organization unit ABVP on Thursday created ruckus on the allegations of spreading religious bigotry by a professor at Government Naveen Law College, Indore. After the allegations, the principal of the college, Dr. Enamur Rahman, issued a letter releasing six professors from academic work for five days and also asked to form a committee to investigate the allegations. The principal told that on the complaint of ABVP, he has relieved six professors from academic work for five days, so that the investigation is not affected. He confirmed that these included four Muslim teachers.

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