Uproar for dancing wearing burqa, college suspends students

Controversy over dancing wearing burqa: A dance by Muslim students wearing burqas has created a ruckus in a college in Karnataka. This program took place at St. Joseph Engineering College located in Mangaluru. Here four students wearing burqas danced on Bollywood songs, the video of which is now going viral. After the controversy over this matter, the college has suspended all the four students. Along with this, the college management is also getting the matter investigated.

It was an informal function of the student union, in which four students dressed in burqas danced to a Bollywood song. The talk of dancing in burqa caught fire and now there is a lot of controversy about it. However, the college claims that the students dancing wearing burqas belong to the Muslim community. Regarding this, a press release has also been issued by the college in which it is written that ‘it was not a part of the approved program and the students concerned have been suspended’. The college does not support any such activities which may harm the harmony between the communities. Strict guidelines are in force in the college regarding this. Along with this, it has been said by the college that the students dancing wearing burqas belong to the Muslim community only.

The students of St. Stephen’s College had a variety of programs during the student union program. It was here that the Bollywood song ‘Teri Photo Ko Seene Se Yaar’ was danced wearing a burqa. During that time, there are voices of students laughing from behind, but as soon as this video went viral, there was an uproar over it. When there was a dispute regarding this, the college administration immediately took a decision and suspended the four students and it is also being investigated.

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