Unknown person poisoned female dog in Bhopal, set three children on fire

Bhopal News: In the educated and modernized world, even today some people do such heinous things, due to which even humanity becomes ashamed. A similar case has also come to the fore from the capital Bhopal which will make anyone’s heart tremble. Here an unknown person poisoned and killed a female dog. The person’s brutality did not stop here, he also killed the recently born dog’s children by setting them on fire. Whoever came to the notice of this matter was shocked to hear that a person could do such an act.

This case pertains to Chinar Park located at number five of the capital. Here a female dog gave birth to some children. Some unknown person did not like this and he carried out this incident of animal cruelty. Giving information to some animal lovers, the people of the area told that someone has burnt the dog’s children here. After this animal lovers reached the spot and the whole matter came to light.

When the animal lovers reached the spot on the information of the matter, three children of the dog were lying in a burnt state in a pit here. One child was so badly burnt that the bones inside his body were visible. The other two children were also badly burnt. When they were taken out, they were dead. At first glance, it seemed that someone must have lit a fire and these children must have got burnt in it while playing. But when his mother was also found dead at some distance, the whole matter came to light.

The dead body of a female dog was found at a short distance from the children, which had turned completely blue. Animal lovers say that it has been poisoned and killed. As of now, no information has been revealed about the person who has carried out this act of barbarism.

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