Unknown miscreants absconded after looting guns from forest outpost, officials inspected the spot burhanpur news unknown miscreants absconded after looting guns from forest outpost officers inspected the spot. burhanpur news

Burhanpur Forest Post Case: For a long time in Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh, Nepanagar’s forest area has been in the limelight for illegal deforestation, external encroachers are encroaching on land by illegal felling in various beats of this area, to stop this, the district along with the forest department And the police administration has already taken face-to-face action to drive out these encroachers, but the encroachers are not desisting from their antics. Even on Monday night, unknown encroachers looted more than 15 guns from the armory kept there after beating the scumbag watchman from the forest post of Bakri village of Nepanagar forest range.

After this incident, District Collector Bhavya Mittal SP Rahul Kumar, along with the top officer of the forest staff, reached village Bakri on Tuesday and inspected the spot and started searching for unknown encroaching miscreants. Talking to the media here, SP Rahul Kumar told that the guns kept in the armory have been looted by unknown miscreants. Investigation is being done in this regard and action has also been taken to nab the miscreants.

Action has been taken to nab the miscreants

The process of arresting the forest encroachers and driving them out from here is going on continuously, the Superintendent of Police said that so far more than 40 accused have been arrested. Since the incident, a team is talking to the encroachers in the forest. To arrest the accused who executed the incident by seizing the looted guns.

Mentioning the action to be taken against the encroachers and their leaders including women, said that effective action will be taken against the encroachers here. In the forest area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNepanagar, the way the land is being encroached upon for years because the encroachers here are seen connected to Khargone Badwani.
Report of Sheikh Rais from Burhanpur

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