Unique mourning of nature lovers in Bhopal

Bhopal Tree Protest: After cutting more than 35 trees in Bhopal’s Danish Nagar Bhopal, angry nature lovers have expressed their displeasure by a unique demonstration, women and environment lovers of this colony have cut trees After condoling the fallen trees, demanded from the government that if the tree cutters continue to cut trees in this way, no one will be able to live, no matter how big the position he may be, strict action needs to be taken against him. The protesting people had held placards in their hands, in which they pleaded to save nature and trees, while at the same time they had made the meanings of the trees on which they were expressing grief.

upset about this

In fact, in the past, about 35 trees 20 to 25 years old were cut in the name of development in this area, for this the residents of the colony had demanded action against the tree cutting staff, people allege that the entire state has been turned into a concrete jungle. The tree cutters are being made, the spirits of the government are high, the government needs to take strict action on them, where the Chief Minister is planting a tree daily, while the trees that are planted for years are being cut in one day, which is not justified. Due to this, the women, children and elders of Danish Nagar, under the leadership of Anshu Gupta and Umashankar Tiwari, president of Bagh Mughaliya Extension Colony Development Committee, and fellow members reached there and demanded the Chief Minister to take the strictest action against those who cut trees.

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