Unique demonstration of contract health workers in Singrauli, symbolic effigy of corona warrior crucified

Singrauli Contract Health Workers Protest News : The indefinite strike of all the contract employees of the Contract Health Employees Union district unit Singrauli is going on from December 19, 2022, due to which the health system of the district has collapsed. There is chaos all around in the general public.

The file is going round the offices

While giving information to the media, District President of Contractual Health Employees Association, Mrigendra Singh said that M.P. About 32000 contract health workers are employed in the health department, who have been providing their services on contract for about 15 to 18 years, now the situation has become such that they are not even able to fill forms in any other department due to their age. In the years 2013, 2014 and 2018, the contractual employees went on strike for their rights, but after 42 days of strike by the government, on June 5, 2018, the Madhya Pradesh government issued a policy for giving honorarium of 90 percent of the pay scale of regular employees to contract health employees. Created. Whose file kept circling the offices till date, but this policy could not be implemented till date.

The contract workers are fighting a cross-border strike

On the other hand, Madhya Pradesh chief Shivraj Singh Chouhan agreed that contract practice is wrong, such practice should not be done, such practice should be abolished, but the government has deviated from its promise. He saved the lives of common people by risking his life, but even a louse would not crawl into the ears of the government, due to which there is anger among the contract employees against the Madhya Pradesh government. And now once again all the contract employees are on strike to fight across the border. In this sequence, on 27 December 2022, on the 9th day of the strike by the Contract Health Employees Union District Unit Singrauli, a symbolic effigy of the Corona warrior was made and crucified.

Unique demonstration of contract health workers in Singrauli, symbolic effigy of corona warrior crucified

The strike will continue indefinitely whether the government accepts the demands or not.

Mrigendra Singh, District President of Contractual Health Employees Union, said that in the Corona call, only the employees engaged in the National Health Mission on contract served the Corona patients day and night and brought Madhya Pradesh out of the dreadful situation of this epidemic, but today our government Ignoring demands. That’s why today we have made a symbolic effigy of the corona warrior who was garlanded by the government and crucified him. We are on strike for the last 9 days for the demands like regularization of all contract health workers, implementation of policy of June 5, 2018, 90 percent salary equivalent to regular employees, reinstatement of fired employees. The government should accept all our demands as soon as possible, otherwise this strike will continue indefinitely.
Report of Raghavendra Singh Gaharwar from Singrauli

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