Uma Bharti’s question on drug prohibition ‘Who is effective! Government, mafia or public interest’

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Uma Bharti on prohibition : Former Chief Minister Uma Bharti has tweeted six one after the other. He has expressed concern about the fact that despite the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan saying lakhs, liquor shops are still running rampant in Dindori and Shahpura on the banks of the Narmada. He has also raised questions about the new liquor policy whether it will be implemented.

After a long time, former Chief Minister Uma Bharti has once again targeted the government regarding drug prohibition. Uma Bharti has made six tweets one after the other and their essence is that how drug prohibition will be implemented effectively in Madhya Pradesh! He wrote in a tweet that ‘during his stay in Amarkantak, he found liquor shops running at many places in Dindori and Shahpura on the banks of the Narmada despite the Chief Minister giving instructions to close them’. He has also written that the government is definitely thinking about the new liquor policy, but will it be implemented and we have to think who is ultimately effective! Government, public interest or mafia.

In her six tweets, Uma Bharti has written these things in total, ‘After the government anti-drug program in Bhopal with Shivraj ji on Gandhi Jayanti on October 2, when I tried to close some very unethical shops, within a short time After being closed for 30 days, it was opened again because she got a stay from the court. The basis of the stay was that they have got license for country and foreign liquor shops and premises as per the policy of the government. There are many flaws in the liquor policy implemented from 1 April 2022, but I was waiting that after consultation with all of us, the new liquor policy will be implemented, then all the flaws will be fixed. When I was leaving Shahpura, Dindori today, I came to know that in spite of violating the current liquor policy, country and foreign liquor shops are open here in Narmada ji’s coastal towns and cities as well. I came to know that Shivraj ji has also banned these Instructions were given to close the shops, yet the shops are running indiscriminately, flouting the government orders. That’s why now I am apprehensive that if the new liquor policy will be made after consultation with all of us, will it be implemented? This is a matter of deep concern. Who is dominant? Government, public interest or liquor mafia. Perhaps soon all of you will tell me the answer to this question.

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