Ujjain railway station got five star rating, FSSAI gave eat right certification

Ujjain News: Ujjain railway station has recently registered a record in its name. According to information, the station has been given a five-star rating by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. This rating has been given to Ujjain station because of the quality food served to the passengers here.

The Eat Right station has been certified by FSSAI. It is given to those stations where the food items available for the passengers are safe and nutritious. This certification is going to be applicable for the next 1 year. Explain that this rating is given to the stations under the Eat Right campaign run by the Government of India. The campaign aims to provide safe and nutritious food to all Indians. The stations are tested on several parameters before this certification is given.

Before giving the certification of Ujjain Railway Station as Eat Right Station, cleanliness of the platform at the station, cleanliness of the stalls here, ban on single use plastic, gloves in the hands of vendors, pure drinking water, wet and dry waste Other aspects including separate dustbin, mention of expiry date on food items were investigated. Only after the investigation report prepared by the officials, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has given the certification of Eat Right station giving five star rating to Ujjain railway station.

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