UGC’s innovative preparation, many courses will get ‘Degree’ course status, lakhs of students will benefit

UGC's innovative preparation, many courses will get 'Degree' course status, lakhs of students will benefit

New Delhi, Desk Report. Huge preparations are being done by the UGC. Under this, Indian institutions of higher education will soon be offered degree level courses in unconventional courses. It will benefit unconventional courses like public policy, welfare, Indian knowledge system etc. Prepared for this. According to the University Grants Commission, a committee will be constituted, which will identify the academic course program. Also this will be changed.

As per the present rule, India has included 130 degree programs notified by the UGC in the UGC Act 1956. Whereas with the new changes, Indian universities will soon be able to offer the same courses as foreign universities including engineering and other courses degrees. For this the foreign university will be allowed to set up its campus in India and they will be allowed to offer the courses which they conduct in their country.

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In the matter, UGC Chairman Jagdish Kumar has to say that the UGC has a definite nomenclature for the degree. There is a need for us to adopt more successful curriculum and introduce program system. The advantage of this rule change would be that the benefits of a Master in Public Policy at any university are not available to students. This is impossible under the present provisions. Under the same new rule, UGC will recognize internationally recognized degree programs in India.

In fact, institutes like IIMs have faced trouble many times. Such courses do not match the definition of a degree course of the UGC for IIM’s MBA. Due to which IIMs have to award diploma degree. If the report is to be believed then a team will be formed, this team will complete its review on time and give new suggestions. Under which many Indian courses on traditional knowledge systems and mental health will soon be given degree status.

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