Two youths died due to drowning while taking bath in Narmada river, read full news. Two youths died due to drowning while bathing in Narmada river. narmadapuram news

Narmadapuram Accident News: Two people have died due to drowning in the Narmada river in Narmadapuram district of Madhya Pradesh, whose bodies were found on Sunday. This incident happened near the Hinglaj temple on Bhopal road. Used to do The first dead body of Rohit, a resident of Aanchalkheda, was found on Sunday morning. The body of another employee Hrithik Nagle was found after 48 hours. Both the bodies were found near Kharraghat Narmada bridge. Narmadapuram NDRF and police team searched in Narmada river for 32 hours. The post-mortem of the dead bodies of Rohit, Hrithik has been done at the district hospital.

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According to the information received by the police, Rohit’s father Ompal (21), resident of Anchalkheda village of Makhannagar and Hrithik’s father Shivshankar Nagle (21), resident of Harda district, both worked in Trident Company. Left the company after doing duty at 10 am on Friday. But did not reach home. The family members were worried about not coming home at 9 pm and not receiving the phone. They reached Budni police station. Took out the location of his mobile. The Hinglaj temple found on the banks of the Narmada river. When the relatives reached the spot, they found mobile, clothes and car keys lying there. At 12 o’clock in the night, the relatives registered the missing of both of them in the Budni police station. Narmadapuram police had found bikes, clothes, mobiles there. After which started searching in the river from Saturday morning. But the body was not found till night. The dead body of a youth was found near the Narmada bridge on Sunday morning. The body of another youth was found in the afternoon.

Search for two youths drowned in Narmada river

According to the information received, first all four drank alcohol, then played kabaddi in the sand. Then having fun, they went down to the Narmada to bathe. Hrithik and Rohit suddenly started drowning after reaching deep water. Seeing this, the other two youths ran away in fear. And the police and NDRF, Home Guard team were searching for the two youths drowned in Narmada river, then the body of an unknown man was found on the other side of the river towards Budni. According to Budni TI, the dead body could not be identified.

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