Two sides clashed over a minor issue, pelted stones at each other, case registered

Dewas News: In Islampura area of ​​Dewas, two children had a fight over some issue. The dispute that started with the talk of the children increased so much that the elders clashed with each other and stone pelting and fighting started between the two sides. The police have registered a case against both the parties.

According to information, children playing outside the house in Islampura, which comes under Kotwali police station area, started quarreling with each other. The quarrel between the children reached their house and then the women of the house came face to face. The dispute between the women also started increasing and one side started pelting stones at the other side’s house. Although no one was injured in the stone pelting, but the information about the matter had reached the Kotwali police. The police have registered the case on the basis of the reports of both the parties under various sections.

Based on the first party report in Kotwali police station, a case has been made against Shamshad and Muzammil under the section of assault and killing. On the other hand, a cross report has been filed on behalf of the other side, in which the police have made a case against Nilofar Sheikh under different sections.

Regarding the incident of this fight between the two parties, the in-charge of the Kotwali police station says that after the dispute between the children playing outside the house, there was a fight between the women and both the family members quarreled badly. A case has been registered on the complaint of both the parties.

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