Two miscreants riding a bike targeted the cars parked outside the house, the police is searching. Two bike riding miscreants broke the glasses of cars parked outside the house, seen in CCTV, police are searching

Gwalior News: Last night in Gwalior, two mad miscreants targeted the cars parked outside the house and broke their glasses, it is coming to light that the glasses of cars were broken by the mad not one or two, the SP said that in the CCTV footage, the scoundrels It is visible that they are being searched.

In Suresh Nagar, Kabir Nagar, Galla Kothar, etc. areas of Thatipur police station area of ​​Gwalior late on Wednesday-Thursday night, two miscreants targeted cars, one miscreant was riding a bike and the miscreant sitting behind kept breaking the glasses of cars parked on the way. Had been.

The information about the incident came in the morning when people woke up, people were surprised to see the glasses of their cars broken, when they checked the CCTV cameras, they showed two miscreants breaking the glasses with sticks or iron rods in their hands, people reached Thatipur police station and reported the incident. Have complained.

SP Amit Sanghi said that the complaint of the incident has been registered, the miscreants are visible in the CCTV, the police is looking for them, they will be caught soon.

Atul Saxena’s report from Gwalior

Two miscreants on bike targeted cars parked outside the house, police is searching

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