Two accused arrested including four quintals of Dodachura, country made pistol and 02 live cartridges

Neemuch Crime News: Shivraj government is very active against drugs in Madhya Pradesh. Strict action is being taken by the police in various cities of the state. In this sequence, the Neemuch police has got a big success, on Monday the police seized 04 quintals of Dodachura, a country made pistol with 02 live rounds and a Fortuner vehicle and arrested two smugglers. During this, three accused absconded from the spot. It is being told that firing was done on the police who went to arrest the accused. This incident is being reported late at 12 o’clock in the village where firing took place between the smuggler and the police. 3-3 rounds have been fired from both sides.

this is the whole matter

On the other hand, the police have said that on the information of the informer, Bharbhadiya burst but the blockade of the force was done, then two persons came on a black Pulsar motorcycle while piloting a Fortuner car number- GJ 26 N 2968. Piloting the motorcycle, both the boys along with the motorcycle managed to escape from the spot, but when the police team tried to stop the said Fortuner car, the driver hit the barricade with his car, due to which the car became unbalanced. The bus collided with the divider, while one of the accused came out from the conductor’s side, who fired at the police party with a country-made pistol and ran towards Bharbhadia.

As soon as the team captured the driver, another person sitting near him pointed a pistol at the police team with the aim of firing, which was captured by the team. Asking the names and address of both the arrested accused, they told their names- Bhupendra father Achalaram Babu caste-Jat age 25 years resident of village Nimaniya district Barmer Raj and Bharat Ram father Sanwal Ram Parmar resident of Rabari ki Dhani village Mithoda district Barmer Raj and fired. On asking the name of the person who ran away, Fatehlal alias Mahavir Nagda was told to be a resident of village Bisalwas Bamnia and while asking the name and address of the person piloting the Pulsar vehicle, both Kanha alias Krishna Nagda and Murarilal Nagda were residents of village Bisalwas Bamnia.

Police is inquiring

While searching the Fortuner in the possession of both the accused, a total of 04 quintals of illegal drug dodachura was found in 20 kattas. The said dodachura and one pistol and 02 live rounds were seized by Kailash Kumre. Police remand of the accused is being interrogated in connection with this.
Kamlesh Sarada’s report from Neemuch

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