Turnip Recipes: Make delicious vegetable of turnip with these methods, it is very beneficial for sugar patients. Make delicious vegetable of turnip with this recipe, it is very beneficial for sugar patients

Turnip Recipes

Turnip Recipes: The day of winter means the day of variety of vegetables. From vegetables to beans and tubers are available in abundance in winters. Turnip is also one such tuber which has no shortage in winters. Although not all people like turnip in their plate. Because, very few people know how to make it in a tasty way. While turnip is a vegetable with a low glycemic index. Which is very beneficial for both diabetic and pre diabetic. This vegetable is rich in all the elements like vitamins, calcium, folic, potassium, phytochemicals. Therefore, to include it in your diet, you can try such recipes.

Turnip Raita –

  • First of all grate the turnip ie grate it.
  • If you like the crunchy taste of turnip, then kiss it directly in buttermilk.
  • Mix salt and black pepper in buttermilk.
  • Apply tempering of mustard seeds on top.
  • If you do not like raw turnip, then keep the oil in the pan to heat.
  • Put mustard in it and cover it for some time after adding turnip.
  • When the turnip becomes soft, add buttermilk to it.
  • Mix all the other spices.

Greens of turnip leaves –

You can make greens of turnip leaves just like mustard greens. You take turnip leaves. Wash them very well. Boil them in salt water after cutting them or without cutting them. Keep them cool after a boil. After that grind it. Now put finely chopped garlic, crushed ginger in the hot pan. After that add chili, asafoetida and all the spices and let it cook after adding the paste of the leaves.

turnip soup

First grate the turnip. Now keep the water heating in a vessel. Put cumin seeds in it. Add salt and black pepper and let the water boil. As soon as the water starts boiling, add turnip and cover it. Let it boil for at least five minutes. Turnip soup is ready. If you like thick soup, then add a pinch of corn flour. The soup will be completely thick. In which you can increase its taste even more by adding soya sauce.

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