Tuition teacher brutally breaks 5-year-old girl’s hand for not telling her spelling

Bhopal News: A shocking case of inhumanity of a teacher has come to light from Bhopal. Here a tutor hit a 5-year-old girl so badly that her hand was broken and now she is admitted in the hospital. This case is from Habibganj area of ​​Bhopal. Where a 5-year-old girl living in Arera Colony goes to study with a teacher named Prayag Vishwakarma. The girl’s parents say that next year she has to get admission in a good school, that’s why they are sending her for tuition nearby.

This brutality was done to the girl when she went for tuition as usual. According to the child’s maternal uncle Bhanu, the younger sister called and told him that the teacher had brutally beaten Priya and bruises were visible on her hand and body. As soon as he came to know about the matter, he immediately reached home and saw that the girl was moaning badly in pain. He immediately took him to a private hospital where X-ray revealed a fracture in the left hand.

Giving information about the incident, the girl said that she was unable to spell parrot. Then the teacher twisted his hand and slapped him 6-7 times on the cheek. She reached home crying and informed the family about the incident that happened to her. The girl’s maternal uncle told that this teacher is 20 years old, he himself studies in college and gives tuition to the children. He has beaten up children in the past as well but never complained about it.

Baby stays with maternal uncle

According to the information, the child Priya has been living with her maternal uncle since the age of six-seven months. The economic condition of the girl’s parents is not good, due to which maternal uncle Bhanu has been taking care of her. He says that children are tested for admission in big schools and he was sending him tuition to prepare for the same. But they did not know that their child would be assaulted like this.

case filed against teacher

The girl’s maternal uncle has filed a complaint in the police station, after which a case has been registered against the assault teacher under the Juvenile Justice Act, including section 323 of the IPC. Both the sections are bailable due to which the teacher has been granted bail.

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