Truck driver damaged Congress MLA’s waiting room, case registered. morena news truck driver damaged congress mla waiting room case registered. morena news

Morena Crime News : A passenger waiting room was built from the MLA fund of Congress MLA Rakesh Mavai of Morena Assembly near Chhonda Toll Tax Barrier in Morena. His photo along with the election symbol of the Congress party was pasted on that waiting room. The truck driver completely damaged the waiting room in front of the Civil Line police station by ramming it.

this is the case

It is clearly visible in the video that the truck driver first backed the truck on the road and then took it to the passenger waiting room in front of the Civil Line police station and then targeted it and completely destroyed the waiting room with the board of Congress MLA Mavai. From the truck trampled and kept trampling until the board was completely finished.

Looking at the video, it seems as if Congress MLA Rakesh Mawai has got angry over something. In this case, Congress MLA Rakesh Mavai told that the truck driver is a resident of Dabra and the truck is from Rajasthan. He has no enmity with the trolley driver, but despite that a case has been registered against the truck driver who damaged the waiting room at the Civil Line Police Station.
Sanjay Dixit’s report from Morena

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