Troubled by dilapidated roads, the citizens of Vidisha protested, shouted slogans

Vidisha News: The anger of the citizens of Vidisha is now visible on the municipality and the administration. Troubled by the mud on the dilapidated road in Dandapura, the residents have come down on the road and are protesting fiercely against the municipality while jamming the chakka.

It has been a long time since Vidisha Municipal Council was formed, yet the dilapidated roads have made life difficult for the residents of the city. Even without rain, the roads here are seen turning into rivers and ponds. Due to the water filled in the potholes on the roads, people become victims of accidents. Many people have also been seriously injured in the accident.

Despite the complaints, the residents of the city, who were not getting the solution to the problem of dilapidated roads, came out on the streets today along with the councilor’s representative and shouted slogans by jamming the chakka in Dandapura area. Residents of Ward 12 have blocked this chakka, saying that due to waterlogging, mud gets formed due to which vehicles slip and people become victims of accidents. Complaints have been made many times in the municipality, but despite this, no redressal is being done.

Ward residents say that the road has not been built here for a long time and due to lack of drains, the dirty water flows on the roads. People have to cross the road filled with this dirty water and many times they become victims of accidents. Councilor representative Sumit Motiani was also seen during this chakka jam and demonstration by the residents and he expressed his displeasure over the lax attitude being adopted by the municipality.

As soon as the police received information about the traffic jam being done by the residents of Dandapura, immediately after that Kotwali police station TI along with Naib Tehsildar and municipal engineer reached the spot. The officers who reached the spot talked to the citizens here and assured that the road would be built. Giving information, the sub-engineer of the municipality said that the proposal for the construction of the road has been passed and the road will be prepared after starting the work soon.

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