Trishakti strike ended, army showed new weapons, befitting reply to China

News Nation Bureau , Edited By: Vikash Gupta , Updated on: 01 Feb 2023, 09:29:08 AM

Defense Exercise (Photo Credit: Social Media)

New Delhi:

India has also decided to give a befitting reply due to the clash with China last year and the situation of constant tension. India is not going to fall for the trickster China. The Indian Army has conducted exercise Trishakti Prahar in the northern part of West Bengal. This went on for 11 days. According to the information, this maneuver lasted from 21 January to 31 January. Indian Air Force, Army and Central Armforce were also involved in this exercise. In this exercise, the army displayed its weapons.

The Indian Army has conducted maneuvers in the Chicken Neck area of ​​Bengal. This area is very important for India from strategic point of view. This Siliguri Corridor is the only way that connects North East India with the rest of India. In this context, this area is very important for India. China’s border is along this Siliguri Corridor, while China has started accumulating army and weapons in this area. Because of which the army elected for maneuvers. According to news agency ANI, weapons like fighter aircraft, tanks, artillery guns, new rifles were used in this exercise. The army conducts such maneuvers to establish coordination among themselves.

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Army such maneuvers are important to establish coordination at the time of war. India is currently fighting on two and a half fronts. China’s army is on two sides and Pakistan’s army on one side. And the whole world is aware of India’s relation with these two neighboring countries. China keeps on finding new ways to trouble India. The same government has told through this exercise that it will give a befitting reply to China. Rafale bought by India from France is kept at Hashimara airbase in West Bengal.

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First Published : 01 Feb 2023, 09:29:08 AM

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