Transport Minister Govind Singh Rajput’s complaint in Income Tax Department, Congress demands action

Bhopal Congress Complaint Minister Govind Rajput Income Tax Office: A delegation of Madhya Pradesh Congress, President of State Congress Media Department, K.K. Of. Under the leadership of Mishra, after reaching the office of the Income Tax Department, Govind Singh Rajput, Minister of Madhya Pradesh Government and his family members handed over the authentic document to the Deputy Commissioner of Benami Prohibition Wing, Awadh Bihari Panwar, and seized the property. demanded to leave. Significantly, this issue was also raised in the recently held winter session of the Vidhansabha.

this is the complaint
Mishra complained that Minister Govind Singh Rajput is the minister of Madhya Pradesh government from the year 2020 till now. From the year 2020 to 2022, Minister Rajput has earned immense wealth illegally, through which he has bought immovable properties in different parts of Madhya Pradesh in the name of several benamidars. In one such case, Govind Singh Rajput has purchased a land in village Bhapel of Sagar district, whose survey number is 1327/1, size 2.335 hectares, Patwari Halka No. 19, RNM Narayawali, Development Block Rahatgarh, Tehsil and District Sagar, he By a registered sale deed in the name of her mother-in-law Mrs. Ladkunwar Rajput wife Vishwanath Singh Rajput resident of village Girhani, Tehsil Khurai, District Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, dated 7 September 2021 and whose e-registration number is D33712021 A1761570 Mrs. Kalpana Singhai wife of late Satish Kumar Singhai resident Purchased from House No. 5, Satyanarayan Rapta, Near Chetyalaya, Tehsil and District Sagar, Madhya Pradesh. Mrs. Ladkunwar Rajput is a housewife aged 75 years and does not have any independent source of income. That’s why Govind Singh Rajput has bought the said land from his illegally acquired wealth.

KK Mishra said in the complaint that the benami transaction of Govind Singh Rajput that he had bought the said land in the name of Ladkunwar Rajput is established from the fact that Govind Singh Rajput had given this land through a registered gift deed dated 29/8 /2022 and e-registration number is 33712022 A1888219, got my name transferred. This gift deed establishes that it is a benami transaction as defined under section 2(9) of The Prohibition of Benami Property Act, 1988 and an offense under section 53 of the Act, 1988. It is worth noting that in one such case, the benami wing of the Income Tax Department, M.A. The benami properties of Khan (retd IAS) have been attached which he had bought in the name of his relatives. Therefore, similar action is expected in the case of Govind Singh Rajput, without being affected by the fact that Rajput is a minister in the Madhya Pradesh government.

Similarly, Govind Singh Rajput has given land survey number 1322/1/1, 1322/2, 1323/1/1 and 1323/2 measuring 6.1120 hectares at village Bhapel, Tehsil and district Sagar, Madhya Pradesh in the name of his brother-in-law and mother-in-law. Purchased on 7-8 September 2021 and later gifted the same land to his wife Savita Singh in July-August 2022. Be aware that the in-laws of Govind Singh Rajput are not so financially capable that They should buy this land in one year and gift it to Govind Singh ji. The sources of income of the in-laws of Minister Govind Singh Rajput are not enough to buy such land. Mishra demanded that in view of all the evidence and facts mentioned in the complaint, attach the benami properties mentioned in the complaint and take action against Govind Singh Rajput and his associates.

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